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RootCause User Guide

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 - Introducing RootCause
What Is RootCause?
Java, C++, or Both?
About This Guide
CHAPTER 2 - Installing RootCause
Getting Help
On-line Documentation
System Requirements
Reading the CD
Installing From A Compressed Tar File
Preparing to Install
RootCause Console Installation
RootCause Agent Installation
Uninstalling RootCause
CHAPTER 3 - Terminology and Concepts
The RootCause Product
The RootCause Registry
The RootCause Log
Aprobe Product
RootCause Data Management
RootCause Overhead Management
CHAPTER 4 - Getting Started
The Setup Script
The RootCause Process
Enabling RootCause for an AIX Application
CHAPTER 5 - RootCause Demo
Set Up
Run With RootCause
View the RootCause Log
Create a RootCause Workspace
Define the Trace
Trace With RootCause
View The Data Index
Examine and Revise the Trace
Tracing The Details
Where To From Here?
CHAPTER 6 - Deploying the RootCause Workspace
Installing The RootCause Agent
Building a "Traceable" Application
Deploying A RootCause Workspace
Registering a Deployed Workspace
Collecting Data At The Remote Site
Formatting and Viewing the Remotely-Collected Data
CHAPTER 7 - RootCause Files and Environment Variables
UAL File
Data (APD) File
Process Data Set
Deploy File
Collect File
RootCause Registry
RootCause Log
.rootcause Directory
setup Script
Environment Variables
CHAPTER 8 - RootCause GUI Reference
Workspace Browser
New Workspace Dialog
Reset Program Dialog
Add UAL Dialog
RootCause Options Dialog
Edit Source Path Dialog
Custom Apc Files Dialog
UAL Options Dialog
Run Program Dialog
Deploy Dialog
Decollect Data Dialog
Trace Setup Dialog
Find In Program Contents Dialog
Global Trace Options Dialog
Edit Wildcard Strings Dialog
Generate Custom APC Dialog
Trace Data Dialog
Add Process Data Dialog
Trace Index Dialog
Select Data Files Dialog
Select Events Dialog
Find Text In Events Dialog
Trace Display
Find Text in Trace Events Dialog
Table Dialog
Platform-Specific GUI Issues
CHAPTER 9 - RootCause Command Reference
RootCause and Different Shells
rootcause build
rootcause collect
rootcause config
rootcause decollect
rootcause deploy
rootcause format
rootcause log
rootcause merge
rootcause new
rootcause open
rootcause register
rootcause run
rootcause xrun
rootcause status
CHAPTER 10 - Selected Topics
Advanced Capabilities: Aprobe is Underneath
RootCause and Efficiency Concerns
Solaris SETUID, and Security Concerns
64 bit applications
Source and Application Debug Information
Logging Controls
Multiple Application Tracing
Multiple Executions of a Single Application
Dynamically Loaded Libraries
Libraries with No Debug Information
Tracing Java and C++ In One Program
RootCause Shipped as Part of Your Application
Writing Custom Probes

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