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The Tools menu is a user-configurable interface to customized scripts. This menu and its operations are implemented in the same manner as the CM Menu described above, and include their own online help. The customization of this menu and integration of the tools it invokes are described in "Customizing the Tools Menu" in Chapter 5.

The following operations are provided in the Tools menu as of this printing:

Diff Files

Opens a dialog which supports using the diff command (or user-specified command) to compare two selected files. If only one file is selected, but if there is a shadowed version of the file then its path is inserted as the second filename.

Ediff Files

Prompts to confirm selected files to diff, then invokes the XEmacs Ediff operation in a currently running XEmacs session. Use the on-line help in XEmacs for information on Ediff.

Apply Shell Command

Opens a dialog which allows a user-specified shell command to be applied to each of the selected files. The character '%' may be used in the command to indicate where the filename is to be substituted, otherwise the filename is inserted at the end of the command.