PowerAda No Project Dialog

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In order to use powerada, you must have a project open (See "PowerAda Projects" in Chapter 3). If, on startup, a project can't be found in the current directory, the No Project dialog appears. From this dialog, you can:

  • Click Open Project to open an existing project; or
  • Click New Project to create a new project;
  • Click Quit to quit powerada.

If you're using PowerAda with projects for the first time, do this:

  • Click the New Project button in the No Project dialog that got you here. This will give you a Create New Project dialog.
  • Take the default for the New Project name, and enter $POWERADA/demos as the Baseline. The dialogs will go away and you'll see a list of directories in the main window.
  • Go to the Help menu, and choose the Tutorials Cascade menu, and click Getting Started.

Or, you may want to go to the PowerAda Help Contents page and deal with this dialog later.