PowerAda Import Files Dialog

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The Import Files dialog contains:

  • Import To Directory: The directory (within the working project) in which imported files will be placed.
  • Import From Directory: The directory currently listed in the Import Files list. Typing in this field and pressing enter will change the contents of the Import Files list.
  • Import Files: Lists the contents of the current "from" directory. If the current directory is in a project, shadowed files are shown in a medium font, while non-shadowed files are shown in bold.
Any of these files or directories may be selected for importing by clicking on them. Double-clicking on a directory will change the view to that directory (similar to using a directory view in the navigator).
  • Overwrite Existing Files: When this box is checked, files with the same name are overwritten by the imported files. Otherwise they will be skipped.
  • Copy Subdirectory Contents: When this box is checked, directories are copied recursively.
  • Copy Shadowed Files/Directories: When this box is checked, all shadowed files and directories are copied from the baseline.