PowerAda Starting the Debugger

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Start the debugger with the adbg command:

adbg [-h] [-L Library] [-r UID@Host] 
     [-x Program [-c corefile] ]
     [-FR] [-f FileName] [-a PID]

The command-line options are fully described in the adbg man page.

Once you invoke the debugger, you control the debugging session by entering various debugger commands. In general, the X interface should make it easy to do very little typing; however, you can also enter commands in the text field at the top of the main debugger window.

The GUI also supports browsing of the source files of the program. Ada statements can be selected using the mouse, and breakpoints can be set by clicking toggle buttons to the left of the source code. Ada objects and expressions can be selected using the mouse and their values can be queried from a pop-up menu. Additionally, the declaration of any name can be queried, and the local uses of a name can be displayed.

Extensive help for the GUI interface and the debugger itself is provided as part of the interface: just click on the Help Menu. Descriptions of the Main Window and the Browsing capabilities are also included in this chapter.