PowerAda Baseline Views Cannot Change

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ClearCase presents a potential problem which is not a concern in repository-based CM environments. When a baseline is created and compiled by extracting a directory tree from a repository, one is usually not concerned with the source code in that tree changing after extraction, because the file mode is set to read-only by the aprojbaseline command, and builds are usually done under a dedicated account.

Since the source files in the build tree are under the direct control of ClearCase, changes in the state of the file may be reflected in the baseline directory tree. This is not a problem peculiar to PowerAda. The CM administrator should take steps to protect against these situations.

Changes Due To Checkins

It is not appropriate to define a baseline as "latest version of checked-in source", since the source in the baseline will change any time a checkin occurs.

Changes Due To Rollbacks

If users are permitted to undo changes checked into ClearCase with the ClearCase rmver command, then a view defined as "latest version of check-in source as of some date" could be altered.