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The PowerAda User's Guide is organized as follows:

Chapters 1 and 2 provide a general introduction to PowerAda. Although all users are encouraged to read them, they are perhaps most useful to the new user of PowerAda.

Chapter 3 describes the basic concepts of development with PowerAda. This is highly recommended since it ties together the concepts such as project, library, and sublibrary, which are unique to this product.

Chapter 4 describes the PowerAda development environment itself.

Chapter 5 is intended for builds and controls administrators as well as programmers. It describes a number of important concepts and techniques fundamental to using PowerAda for large projects.

Other than powerada, the major tool included with PowerAda is the debugger, adbg. Chapter 6 discusses adbg.

Chapters 7 through 9 provide detail on Ada-specific issues. The topics covered are Interfaces to Other Languages, Implementation Details, and Optimization.

Six appendices are included that cover the following topics: