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ahelp - access PowerAda on-line help and documentation


ahelp [-hilm] [-x browser] [search_string] [-- browser_args]


All documentation for PowerAda is provided in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and may be read with any HTML browser. Two public-domain HTML browsers are provided with PowerAda: xmosaic, an X-windows browser, and lynx, a curses terminal browser.

This tool (ahelp) invokes Mosaic from $POWERADA/tools/bin/xmosaic if the DISPLAY variable is set correctly, or if it is explicitly specified on the command line. If the DISPLAY variable is undefined or invalid, or if -l is specified on the command line, Lynx is used.

Help and documentation are more likely to be accessed from the interfaces provided by the X interfaces of the powerada or adbg tools. In this case, xmosaic is always invoked from $POWERADA/tools/bin/xmosaic, so this must be correctly installed.

The documentation itself is all found under $POWERADA/html.

If you have problems accessing the PowerAda on-line documentation with these tools, check your installation, and feel free to contact OC Systems with any problems. See ahelp -i for more information.


Displays information about PowerAda on-line help.
Displays configuration and installation information.
Provides access to on-line help using the lynx html browser.
Provides access to on-line help using the xmosaic html browser.
-x browser
Provides access to on-line help with the specified html browser.
All arguments after this are passed on to the browser command line.


a string to search for in the User's Guide. The search is case-insensitive, and identifies all the HTML documents that contain matching words.


$POWERADA/bin/ahelp - the ahelp program
$POWERADA/tools/bin/xmosaic - the xmosaic HTML browser 
$POWERADA/tools/bin/lynx - the lynx HTML browser 
$POWERADA/tools/bin/swish- the HTML search tool


This must be defined and indicate the powerada/ada95 directory in the PowerAda installation.
used to locate the display device for ahelp to use. It must be defined to an existing display, generally "hostname:0". If DISPLAY is not set, lynx is used as the help viewer.


adbg, lynx, powerada, xmosaic.


See Problems and Questions at the beginning of this Appendix.