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                      PowerAdaÆ 5.8b Release Notes
                            Mar. 4, 2015

These Release Notes contain information relevant to Version 5.8b of the
OCS PowerAda Compilation System, supplementing the PowerAda User's Guide:

 1. Introduction

    Version 5.8b of the PowerAda Compilation System is a bug-fix and feature
    update of the PowerAda development tools from OC Systems.

 2. Getting Help

    If you have any comments, would like additional information, need a
    different media format, or you have any other installation or
    configuration problems, please contact OC Systems by internet at
    support@ocsystems.com or by telephone at (703)-359-8160.

 3. Requirements

    System Requirements for each of the PowerAda hosts are:

    For PowerAda/AIX: any computer running AIX version 5.3 or later

    For PowerAda/Linux: any modern Intel Pentium-based computer running
    Red Hat Linux 8 or later (with a version 2.4.18 kernel or later)

    Contact OC Systems for help installing PowerAda on versions or platforms
    other than these.

    The file "README" contains more detailed notes on requirements and
    installation.  Please refer to it before installing PowerAda on any
    supported host.  Typically, 700 MB of disk space are required for
    installation of PowerAda on any of the host platforms.

 4. Licensing

    PowerAda 5.8b works with the software product FLEXlm.  See the PowerAda
    Installation Guide for more information about setting up the license

    PowerAda 5.8b for AIX does not require a new license if you already have a
    valid license for PowerAda 4.1 (or newer) for AIX.  PowerAda 5.8b for Linux
    does not require a new license if you already have a valid license for
    PowerAda 5.3 (or newer) for Linux.  Replacements for older licenses can be
    reissued by support@ocsystems.com.  The license keys for AIX are different
    from those for Linux, as the products are sold separately.

 5. Compatibility

    No compabitility issues were introduced in PowerAda 5.8b relative to 5.8.

    PowerAda 5.8 for AIX introduced a slightly different layout within the
    subprogram call stack frames at runtime, to comply with the IBM published
    standard Application Binary Interface.  The ABI required each frame's
    Register Save Area (RSA) to be minimal size, and omitted if unused, so the
    formerly fixed sized RSA became varying in size.  In effect, the GPR RSA
    was shifted down to where the FPR RSA once was within that frame.  The
    subprogram body's instructions were NOT changed, but the body's prologue
    and epilogue instructions that automatically save and restore non-volatile
    registers (per ABI standard function calling conventions) will necessarily
    use slightly different offsets within the stack frame.  This change did
    not apply to PowerAda 5.8 for Linux on IA32.

    PowerAda 5.7d1 changed some non-native T'Bit_Order representation clauses.
    New Ada rules for a record representation clause of non-native T'Bit_Order
    endianness were clarified by AI95-00133, and implemented in PowerAda 5.7d1.
    There's no change when native Bit_Order (i.e., default endianness) applies.
    These new rules in RM95 13.5 Record Layout changed the semantic meaning and
    legality of values within a Component_Clause and its associated attributes
    R.C'Position, R.C'First_Bit, and R.C'Last_Bit.  The new Ada language rules
    now give users a way to write a single common record layout representation
    clause that works for both Big-Endian and Little-Endian machines, to
    enhance portability.  For backwards compatibility, PowerAda also allows a
    representation clause to specify a non-native layout that's smaller than a
    typical machine scalar, without forcing it up to the next larger size.

    Otherwise, PowerAda 5.8b version is source-code compatible with prior
    PowerAda versions up to 5.2.  This only means that a complete recompilation
    of your source code is required.

    PowerAda AIX 5.8b object code is NOT compatible with that produced by
    versions *prior to 5.8*.

    Projects created by versions prior to PowerAda 5.8 cannot be opened using
    PowerAda 5.8b.  If you are sure you know what you're doing, you can get
    around this by doing the following

        cd adaproj    # or whatever is your project root directory
        rm .adaproj   # delete the current project state file
        aprojinit -k  # create a new project state file, keeping the directory

    Note that this and future versions of PowerAda will support AIX 5.3 and newer.
    OC Systems can provide PowerAda 5.8b for AIX 5.2, upon request.
    PowerAda 5.2 will continue to be supported as the LegacyAda version of
    PowerAda for use on older AIX 4 operating systems.

 6. Customer-Reported Issues Fixed

    The following issues were fixed in this release.  If you reported a problem
    and don't see it listed here, please contact OC Systems (as described above)
    to check on the status of your issue.


    PowerAda 5.8b Issues Fixed:

    2127 added runtime Interfaces.Java.JNI functions to start Java JVM
    2134 updated ApcDI from current aprobe versions
    2135 running app under adbg causes unwanted SIGTRAP if loading shared object
    2147 fixed optimizer crash REFERENCE_ERROR in p2_saddle_manager
    2157 improved determinism of CSE choice in optimized object code


    PowerAda 5.8a Issues Fixed:

    2118 MP crash compiling a tool-generated Ada source file
    2119 limit of 32767 lines per source file
    2122 Linux: utb missing last part of PA dotted line num

    NOTE: The fix for issue 2119 increased the maximum number of source
    lines from 32767 to 65534.  On Linux, line numbers greater than
    32767 will appear in tracebacks as "32767.n" when the actual line
    number is 32767+n.

    PowerAda 5.8 Issues Fixed:

    2104 CG crash in call to Java JNI Get_Method_Id
    2107 CG crash when importing 1000+ library units at once
    2098 saved registers not seen by AIX exception unwind

    PowerAda 5.7d1 Issues Fixed:

    1931 FE must treat record representation clause as part of its region per 8.1:11
    1932 FE must reject negative values of Position and First_Bit per 13.5.1:10
    1936 Bad fixed point assignment inside record component of expanded type
    2011 adbg debugger crashes on core created by gencore on AIX
    2058 Implement non-native T'Bit_Order per AI-133 for nonaligned multi-byte
    2082 MP crash in illegal Unchecked_Conversion'Access (e.g., an Intrinsic op)
    2087 Wrong aprojbuild recompilation order during delta build

    PowerAda 5.7d Issues Fixed:

    1464 MP crash on Unchecked_Deallocation of tagged subtype
    1676 System.Default_Bit_Order should be a static constant (AI95-00221)
    1853 MP crash in Unchecked_Deallocation
    2059 possible buffer overwrite, Powerada Linux 5.6b
    2060 Wrong aprojbuild recomp order of instantiations during delta build
    2064 Add caching for bsearch in utb_LookupElf
    2065 bad membership_test of derived tagged record if incomplete type
    2066 optimized code differs on func returning 32-bit record value
    2070 chg opendir to opendir_64 for AIX NFSv3
    2076 Implement Interfaces.Java.JNI so Ada & Java call each other
    2080 Unchecked_Conversion of rep. spec'd enum types
    2081 procedure Interfaces.C.To_Ada off-by-1 error

    PowerAda 5.7c Issues Fixed:

    1873 MP crash during instantiation
    2022 optimizer decrement_uses below 0 causes Constraint_Error
    2035 adbg dumps core on program linked with -q xlCbind
    2041 function inlined 2x wrongly yields same answer for 2nd call
    2043 address clause rejected for non-imported constant object
    2050 syntax error during RECOMP of file compiled with ada -P
    2057 pragma Export OUT params under 32-bits passed incorrectly
    2061 Program_Error'Identity mismatch when in an exception handler

    PowerAda 5.7b Issues Fixed:

    2000 PA5/Linux: update PSACA & PSACC to handle Aprobe on_exit probes
    2021 Freeze_Type fails for rep. clause of classwide subtype vs. type
    2024 adbg won't load Linux core file resulting from stack overflow
    2025 Optimizer setting bitwise packed fields in record
    2027 adbg tasking operations fail when no task was selected
    2029 libXmu.so.6 missing from some Linuxes
    2031 add support for adainitargs on AIX 6 and up

    PowerAda 5.7a1 Issues Fixed:

    2012 powerada linked with newer AIX libXm.a library (Motif 2.1)

    PowerAda 5.7a Issues Fixed:

    1969 optimizer sees nested dispatch call as common subexpression
    2006 Cast operator for type view conversion (see 1935, 1383)

    PowerAda 5.7 Issues Fixed:

    1872 ada -O calls local subp body but erases csect, so bind errors
    1909 asrcinfo yields inner subprog name for lib-level generic pkg
    1922 MP crash for derived record w/ access discriminant
    1926 CG crash in CSE elimination when optimized
    1934 CG crash doing check during Unchecked_Conversion call
    1935 signed arithmetic error for converted U32 values
    1945 update debugger ApcDI.linux with RHEL6 fixes
    1946 object size clause w/o address clause fails to init object
    1947 anonymous array initialization
    1950 change Ada.Real_Time epoch to 1 week before program startup
    1954 Locking_Policy calls pthread_setschedparam too often
    1956 adbg cannot open AIX core file
    1965 CG crash: 'a non allocated register detected'
    1968 areport now shows library-level configuration pragmas
    1972 MP crash on library-level instance having pragma Inline
    1973 IA32 FP reg tracking caused constraint_error upon function return
    1978 OPT CSE eliminated req'd RLIMI instr needed for packed agg store
    1981 CG crash in ppc_load_packed: sign_extended but size = 1
    1982 gencalls omits ops of hidden tagged 'concrete' type
    1986 New bounds checks for exported supbprog param or exported object
    1988 ada -h crashes if PWD read permissions denied
    1991 CG crash with NULL check during creation of IA32 FP operation
    1992 don't optimize away X'VALID (follow-up of issue 1986)
    1998 CG reg assignment for insert instr in packed agg init

    PowerAda 5.6c1 (Linux Only) Issues Fixed:

    1843 Adbgentry cores if target process exceeds stack limit
    1845 libutb: 'Internal Error: Line number truncated'
    1855 UniversalTraceBack (UTB) test at return address broken by i1830
    1856 debugger Allows Aprobe SIGTRAP to execute
    1863 UTB crash in FindAdaFunctionName
    1868 crash in libutb.so:dwarf_finish
    1929 FE crash in pragma Import for renamed object

    PowerAda 5.6c Issues Fixed:

    1859 Intermittent error: aprojbuild 'No body stub in parent'
    1903 Support pragma Import coincident with Object'Address rep. clause
    1904 optimizer too aggressive for 'and then' short-circuit condition
    1908 utb traceback level 1 differs between aix, linux
    1916 aprojbuild -lx Adaentry crash in post_bind_info
    1925 FE crash in generic expansion of protected subcomponent

    PowerAda 5.6b4 Issues Fixed:

    1858 PowerAda rejects legal instance in generic body, citing 3.9.1:4
    1862 CG crash in Make_Load_Address if static index value overflows
    1864 aprojbuild rc=0 despite error 'Imports file not found'
    1867 MP crash in generic formal enum type conversion
    1871 pragma Optimize(Off) rejected as semantic error
    1886 adbg won't start program created by on AIX 7.1

    PowerAda 5.6b3 Issues Fixed:

    1910 FP div-by-0 exception if optimized, due to unset regs used in handler

    PowerAda 5.6b2 Issues Fixed:

    1860 gencalls tool puts function body into pkg spec
    1878 = same as 1860

    PowerAda 5.6b1 Issues Fixed:

    1875 ASIS: gencalls omits call to array_compare_subp

    PowerAda 5.6b Issues Fixed:

    1809 adbg debugger "tasks" command displays "no tasks"
    1820 segfault on assignment to deferred constant with controlled components
    1823 pthread_create fails on AIX 5.4+ for non-root users
    1827 adbg debugger supports reading Linux ELF core files
    1829 adbg debugger supports probed applications on Linux
    1831 powerada GUI CM Diff_Files for multiple selections at once
    1838 memory leak in Linux version of libutb.so

    PowerAda 5.6a (Linux Only) Issues Fixed:

    1706 debugger crash while viewing variables in RHEL5
    1797 Adbgentry doesn't work on 64-bit linux
    1803 PALinux: remove '-Xlinker -x' from Ada.Link script
    1804 PALinux: port universal_traceback to Linux
    1808 licensing setup broken for linux
    1810 Linux utb sighandler results not right
    1813 Disassemble command needs Linux work
    1815 Linux utb gets no symbols for stripped shared libs
    1817 utb_DumpTraceback should add symbolic information on Linux

    PowerAda 5.6 (AIX Only) Issues Fixed:

    1192 MP crash getting TSI.Subtype_Of formal param of Item'Output
    1541 Aliased addressable constant object vs. manifest const scalar
    1726 runtime cores in Abort_Task when Pop_Stack aborts w/o finalization
    1732 CG crash on oversize literal in aggregate
    1742 Linux segfault if discrt is large valued enumeral with rep clause
    1752 issue warning for new Ada05 keywords
    1753 implement Ada05 overriding indicators
    1754 OBJ'Valid subtype bounds check if enum has literal rep.spec
    1762 missing protected_type _MP_Finalize_Access routine
    1763 entry family with excessive range crashed compiler
    1764 pragma Preserve_References must handle dispatching calls
    1765 pragma crashes FE after outer library level syntax error
    1769 must reject write thru access-to-constant w/ implicit .all
    1777 ApcDI: struct typedef size should be preserved
    1784 CG crash: non allocated register detected
    1792 Pop_Stack failure for pragma Exported Ada routine

    PowerAda 5.5i (Linux Only) Issues Fixed:

    1781 implement Pop_Stack_And_Call_Ada/Cplus for Linux

    PowerAda 5.5h Issues Fixed:

    1541 Attribute of addressable constant object vs. manifest const scalar
    1726 AIX runtime cores in Abort_Task if export proc needs finalization
    1732 CG crash on oversize literal in aggregate
    1742 Linux segfault if discrt is large valued enumeral with rep clause

    PowerAda 5.5g Issues Fixed:

     106 on Linux doesn't support '-i archive.a' only 'obj.o'
    1420 FE crashes on T'BASE'READ or T'BASE'WRITE
    1422 MP crash: INVALID_CONTEXT_FORM for manifest constants
    1425 MP crash on task discriminant usage
    1430 MP crash: library-level child func is homograph of nested op
    1490 discriminated record field not initialized on Linux
    1685 Tools->Diff no longer uses baseline for File_2 default
    1686 add mechanism to change default diff command in PATOOLS gui
    1687 packed boolean array sets wrong bits on little-endian
    1691 debugger won't write to just single FP data/control register
    1698 debugger STATUS_ERROR from Initialize_VSM twice
    1704 INVALID_CONTEXT_FORM for constant bounds during Array'Output
    1705 xmlstktp calls linux FD instead of FD's target function
    1712 memory leak in unconstrained function call UFC returning String
    1715 flexlm v9.2 errors and XRT link errors on Linux i86 RH9
    1717 Ada_Exceptions.Raise_Exception(X,msg %u) emits integer at %u
    1719 ApcDI traceback in on RH9

    PowerAda 5.5f2 Issues Fixed:

    1680 PA5: CG crash due to 'CAU treg overlap'
    1682 ASIS: gencalls doesn't call intrinsic ops of enumeration type

    PowerAda 5.5f1 Issues Fixed:

    1630 adbg can't debug C on Linux any more
    1669 seg fault in protected entry barrier subprog
    1671 aprojbuild should LOAD in consistent order
    1674 Asis.DD.Portable_Data_To_ASIS_Integer assumes big-endian

    PowerAda 5.5f Issues Fixed:

     201 compiler CG crashes during Close_Master_Scope
    1559 Linux fixes for RHEL5: Xm libs, xemacs, setup
    1560 gencalls bad code for subprog params of fully limited types
    1575 cg_opt crash with 'Unable to execute .../Adaentry' (see i.201)
    1613 huge-stack-frame causes bad register tracking in CAU instruction
    1614 Stream_IO ops malformed (TIP aggr subexpr crashes optimizer)
    1618 FE crash in instantiation of BC.Support.Unbounded
    1623 Memory fault during aprojbaseline (RHEL4 ELF w/o section headers)
    1629 untagged derived type object must inherit discr constraint
    1642 re-implement pacm for RH5 Linux due to its lack of dtksh
    1644 gencalls doesn't reference lib_fdk_Sta__DATA
    1646 enhance apcudi to recognize __DATA symbols as unit names
    1648 gencalls fails to recognize tagged completion
    1649 gencalls fails to create vrbl of any indefinite type
    1650 gencalls makes illegal code for private enum types
    1653 CG infinite loop or MP crash if > 32K lines in Ada source
    1659 re-implement patools for RH5 Linux per missing dtksh (see i.1642)
    1662 debugger reports 'Not enough stack' to make calls

    PowerAda 5.5e4.1 (Linux Only) Issues Fixed:

    1623 Memory fault in aprojbaseline: if RHEL4 ELF w/o section hdrs

    PowerAda 5.5e4 Issues Fixed:

    1556 debugger may crash for untagged derived types
    1566 MP crash in re_entity.re_init:create_init_aggr_subtype
    1567 ld fails on __HELAB{ro} symbols
    1568 bad adjustment on extension aggregate initialization value
    1573 adbg COMMUNICATIONS_ERROR during program load on RHEL5
    1578 Integer'Max fails if overflow, eg: Int'Max(Int'First, 10)
    1583 inlining caused overly aggressive common subexpresson elimination
    1588 regression in variant record accesses
    1591 user 'Unchecked_Deallocation' replaced by built-in homograph
    1593 unhandled elab exception in shared library should not dump core
    1596 MP crash in invalid Ada assignment to an exception decln
    1604 memory leak from missing finalization actions for type extensions
    1608 bad code abuses R18 in CAU instr for subprog with huge stack frame

    PowerAda 5.5e3 (AIX Only) Issues Fixed:

    1583 inlining caused overly aggressive common subexpresson elimination

    PowerAda 5.5e2 Issues Fixed:

    1578 Integer'Max fails if overflow, eg: Int'Max(Int'First, 10)

    PowerAda 5.5e1 (AIX Only) Issues Fixed:

    1567 ld fails on __HELAB{ro} symbols
    1568 bad adjust on agg extension init value

    PowerAda 5.5e Issues Fixed:

    1054 RM95 4.6:46 range checks missing in Derived Type conversions
    1120 Unable to inline...invalid or deleted code space
    1148 Booch stack works wrongly for controlled item
    1338 finalization produces unexpected ref counts
    1362 array_elt'access as param doesn't work
    1437 unbounded_string finalization corrupts heap
    1470 areport -f is thwarted by (should ignore) // during matches
    1478 finalization crash BC.Support.Indefinite_Unbounded
    1501 adbg won't show components of tagged object
    1507 MP crash on Adjust of return Arr_Ptr.all w/o UNC
    1529 mechanism needed to prevent inlining when optimizing
    1542 gencalls crash opening a library named with double slash
    1546 gencalls makes bad 'ACCESS value of limited controlled param
    1547 aprojbuild loops trying to update inst subunit
    1549 'no register' crash in large optimized loop + case
    1550 pending units corrupt ashared-generated main
    1552 internal: test c34009l regression after i.1054

    PowerAda 5.5d Issues Fixed:

    1358 pragma export wrapper csect should do elab check
    1383 Natural'Valid gives wrong answer
    1407 Linux adbg tries to open device file
    1474 CG crash on optimized code (boolean saddle -> Void)
    1476 debugger crash during attach
    1488 memory leak in BC.Containers.Collections.Unbounded
    1492 adbg refuses to attach to remote host named by IP address
    1493 bad CG elaboration found during ASIS build
    1495 pagu crashes on tactical_internet_services sublib
    1502 access-to-classwide conversion missing tag check 4.6:(50,42)
    1506 param_block too short for access proc call
    1509 core-dump on reraise from PSACA-called routine
    1511 trgopb.ada deb-preprocessing error
    1517 buffer overrun in utb ParseXCOFFFile()
    1520 bad opt code for fdip_process_sector_plan_updates.adb
    1524 __HELAB symbols should be {ro}, not {pr}
    1525 CG crash optimizing awy-routes-military_routes.adb
    1526 Params eliminated by OPT, but not by subprog'ACCESS call
    1527 utb reports wrong lines for included C++
    1532 limit of 100 projects was too low

    PowerAda 5.5c4 Issues Fixed:

    1319 aprojbuild after bind does unexpected extra LOAD & compiles
    1452 Pop_Stack_And_Call_Ada has TOC limitation
    1475 pcudi = new tool to dump contents of __DATA section
    1479 floating point division fails (but UNDERFLOW not caught)

    PowerAda 5.5c3 Issues Fixed:

    1457 Adbg fails on some CCTT machines

    PowerAda 5.5c2 Issues Fixed:

    1458 ASIS: fails to traverse T'Class subtype indication info

    PowerAda 5.5c1 Issues Fixed:

    1454 ASIS: subtype indication lost its array constraint
    1455 PA5: debugger crashes on POSIX environment vrbl space limit

    PowerAda 5.5c Issues Fixed:

    1300 provide tool/script to define set of API symbols
    1379 To_Subtype_Indication crash on T'Class, T'Base attributes
    1416 More shared library linking issues
    1418 utb gets wrong filename for C++ symbol
    1423 Ada main() cores if adainit already called
    1427 param_blk overwrites a dynamic sized array
    1440 FPSCR float overflow bits set by Float'Value
    1444 gencalls missed MP intrinsic Record_Init_Subp
    1445 enhance utb for up-front symbol loading
    1446 Ada+Cpp+aprobe+utb static init order problem
    1449 utb can't call dlopen, must call pthread stuff directly

    PowerAda 5.5b Issues Fixed:

    1408 Ashared doesn't return error on fatal errors
    1409 Ada exception disables C++ fptrap checks
    1411 utb_GetTraceback() can't handle optimized signal handler
    1413 static empty range in array agg overwrites nearby memory

    PowerAda 5.5a Issues Fixed:

    1367 ASIS: Adec.Declaration_Subtype_Mark botches anonymous access param
    1369 utb race condition updating global data
    1374 further patch for i1369
    1378 define TB_POWERADA 0x83 in utb_traceback.h
    1396 crash reading xcoff in Ada test driver
    1398 CG crash on division by unexpected Treg class
    1399 UFC function call leaks memory

    PowerAda 5.5 Issues Fixed:

     446 PowerAda stack frames should be dbx-compatible
     931 Ada shared library elaboration problems
    1046 instance subunit names should be reproducible
    1205 Setup file not properly constructed during installation
    1208 XCOFF n_type must be 0x20 for Ada subp symbols to avoid "strip -t"
    1212 apc crash reading DI for sig-svc.b.ada
    1222 apc crashes against optimized code
    1228 PowerAda port to Fedora Core 5
    1241 Deliver files_in_baseline script
    1249 argv should be set automatically
    1255 PowerAda runtime millicode: xmlpcm0 fails packed comparison
    1260 runtime tdcallsupb: Csect_Info wrong for new ESV
    1266 AIX runtime must tolerate TBT+ESV or just ESV, for Aprobe's ESV
    1267 allow xas.define_symbol for s_class other than 'ua'
    1271 dbx internal error: assertion failed at line 3519 in file frame.c
    1276 deliver astub with PowerAda
    1283 new ada2cpp doesn't link or execute right
    1284 minor cleanup in syntax help
    1285 filter out __TDT refs if -qimport
    1288 AIX ada -s doesn't build working shared lib
    1293 Not all regs saved/restored by exported Ada routine
    1294 utb hangs on spin-lock using yield()
    1295 crash in aprojbuild -p
    1297 some xemacs .elc files are out of date
    1301 simplify/extend shared lib support
    1302 build & deliver libada_r.a with powerada
    1308 don't emit timestamp in gen_exp_list
    1311 apc references Ada param wrong when optimized
    1318 pa54d1 patch check into wrong group
    1326 self-host crash due to i.1222 regression
    1327 adbg crash during initialization
    1330 build system.powerada_call_chain_support into runtime
    1337 allow exception from a type3 subp (REVERTED)
    1340 BT'Class'Output doesn't dispatch to derived type
    1341 utb_Traceback missing line numbers for soft-linked modules
    1342 utb_module_reporting.c:FreeModuleResources should be static
    1343 port util_so scripts to use ashared
    1346 generate, check intersection of two .ail files
    1350 ada_linker_symbol_support doesn't handle inst units
    1351 ASIS mishandles generic formal parameters
    1352 docs not created right due to file permissions
    1355 alignment error in utb code
    1357 provide pa54d-compatible build_shared_runtime script

    PowerAda 5.4e Issues Fixed:

     269 rep. spec'd enum for index causes array '=' failure
     911 bad unchecked conversion array_element <-> byte
     999 delay until ada.real_time.time_of(49 years) silently fails
    1001 ASIS: DDA.Size for an Array_Component should be aligned size
    1028 problems with task entry renaming-as-body
    1036 compiler accepts actual proc name as generic formal
    1058 aprojbuild: bad comporder for 2 units in file
    1063 library level pragma rejects legal generic child unit name
    1092 aprojbuild: incorrect order for units with pragma inline
    1095 make aprojbuild work w/o projects
    1096 aprojbuild -U should build instance subunits
    1099 aprojbuild should defer, identify independent units
    1102 CG crash: bad LF for tagged function call
    1104 implement libq.independent_units function
    1106 FE rejects legal type extn in spec as 'not in same body'
    1111 Linux pagrep broken on RHEL4
    1118 aprojbuild: incorrect order for units w/ pragma inline (f/u 1092)
    1119 aprojbuild translates -qinstances=inline to =defer
    1122 PowerAda 5.4d regression = fail MP seq sanity check
    1124 bad code in package elab built with opt
    1126 areport outside proj: use adalib.imports if no alib.list
    1127 aprojbuild should only compile pending units from working sublib
    1129 ada -qxlcbind should reference /usr/vacpp/bin/xlC
    1131 fix regression caused by issue 1104 changes
    1132 aprojbuild dies w/o warning when command line too long
    1133 subunits vs. independent_units
    1134 aprojbuild should get read-lock to determine update list
    1136 aprojbuild w/o project rejects files outside of current dir
    1137 generic instance rel incorrectly added to optional body
    1142 CG INTERNAL ERROR in adn_impl
    1143 Glink code cannot be added for function: _ptrgl
    1147 FE can't find generic instance subunit body (f/u to d14557)
    1160 aprojbuild won't recompile obsolete units
    1161 enhance build_shared to limit exported symbols
    1163 create stub generation tool
    1169 Adbgentry crashes on RHEL3 u3
    1172 aprojbuild always forces recompile if -qfloat_overflows
    1176 patch 5.4d.2 was built w/ wrong system sublib (f/u 1001)
    1178 Linux should reject/ignore -qfloat_overflows
    1179 Linux alibmv command-line parsing broken
    1185 CG crash if expanded array object assigned (f/u 911)
    1186 astub -g shouldn't generate generic unit stubs
    1198 abuild crashes during bind, while getting Prj.Current_Project

    PowerAda 5.4d Issues Fixed:

    442 support cross-language tracebacks on AIX
    514 warn if multiple powerada libs in single apc command [PowerAda]
    571 Build_Overload_Set raise PROGRAM_ERROR if illegal child name
    572 get_dispatching_spec crash: inc_type'class full type in body
    596 excessive time to compile code if -qinstances=defer
    603 Abuild infinitely redo inst subunits if circular dependency
    701 order of ada probes causes 'no debug available'
    741 Adaentry cores in call_splitter.parameter_creation
    769 instance subunits ==> 'Lines compiled: 1' (i.641 regression)
    770 8th floating point param is passed wrongly
    798 FE resolve_operator crash in (Float_Constant * Integer)
    801 Linux: handle slightly different /proc/PID/maps file
    802 Linux x86_64: specify -m32 when linking
    803 Linux: adbg doesn't work on diners
    804 Linux: pthread_cond_init overwrites data past MSR
    806 NO_ATTACHED_MPST in nested child instances [partial fix]
    807 MP crash if non-static T'Component_Size
    808 NO_ATTACHED_MPST in re_entity aggregate_eval
    812 AIX abinchk should work on shared object in archive
    813 Cannot do areport -r supporters -u inst/whatever
    817 AIX: PA-generated toc entries 8-byte aligned, wasting space
    828 Vsm.Reference_Error IN-OUT discriminated record conversion
    831 Task discriminants missing in ASIS
    834 ASIS fails for A_DEFINING_EXPANDED_NAME of child unit
    857 CG crash in make_move on put_line of 'Image
    873 interface-C boolean stack params loaded wrongly
    874 [IN]OUT float params on exported subprogram don't work
    880 trap handler should handle non-Ada traps differently
    890 Dynamic dispatch coredumps
    893 FE traceback instantiating Ifpa_Generic_State_Data_Server
    906 apc chokes on inst of BC hash_table
    913 public child subprogram cannot see parent's private part
    939 Generic child name implied within Formal_Package_With_Box
    947 Float'Machine_Overflows = FALSE, so no divide by 0 exception
    954 pop_stack_and_call_ada doesn't work for shared library
    962 array init R/W reaches beyond array boundary
    968 Ada.Strings.Bounded implementation yields bad equality test
    971 cross-dependent instances fail unless -qinstances=defer
    988 AIX: add help function to get app RA,SP from current SP
    994 include universal_traceback in runtime
    995 add symbol info to universal_traceback
    1015 coding errors in libq:compilation_order
    1017 abuild should ignore inst/ units
    1022 Memory leak copying controlled objects
    1025 Booch stack works wrongly for controlled item type
    1029 incorrect layout of dynamically-sized type [PowerAda]
    1040 universal_traceback (utb) is not thread-safe
    1047 apc NO_BIND_INFO crash reading C++ main Ada modules [PowerAda]
    1054 RM95 4.6:46 range checks missing in DT conversions
    1057 Adbggui crash on Browse Unit of C-main 'adn' driver
    1073 Build_Overload_Set PROGRAM_ERROR if illegal child name (was i.571)
    1074 instance subunits ==> 'Lines compiled: 1' (was i.769)

    PowerAda 5.4b Issues Fixed:

    133 - FlexLM: create a new lm_job after queueing license
    472 - Incorporate tag comparison into dispatching equals test
    510 - Exception raised with "ada -P" option (partially deleted src subspace)
    512 - ASIS.Dec.Representation_Value_Image of rep'd enum yields 'Pos not 'Val
    576 - MP crash in tagged type extension aggregate inside of instantiation
    583 - CG Null Access Check in ctenvb.Param_Block_Size
    628 - Can't reinstantiate instance subunit if "ada -P" and no disk file
    641 - FE compiling an instance subunit uses wrong source span (see i.545)
    643 - Pacm.pl checkout doesn't create directories
    644 - FE allows an illegal Qualified_Expr to resolve
    654 - MP crash if pragma INLINE is applied to a renamed Derived_Spec
    661 - MP crash in Acc_Subp_Entity.Object applied to a renamed object
    686 - adbg yields wrong object value if exe was bound with -qxlcbind vs. ld
    694 - apcgen/AdaDI infinite recursion on recursive record type
    746 - ada can't handle +unit names as non-file names
    747 - Update tools to version 5.4b
    749 - 'ada -P' renders ASIS incapable of source text (f15250)

    PowerAda 5.4a Issues Fixed:

     79 - FE crash: instantiation needs missing template body
    416 - MP crash with generics and -qinstances=defer (booch)
    455 - FE crash in CXB.Open_Subunit when finding spec of body_stub
    459 - PA5: All access to tagged types need finalization
    496 - PA5: -qinstances=defer vs. =inline -- Want different warning msgs
    545 - FE crashes when compiling an instance subunit w/ bad span
    582 - MP crash if UFC call is library level instance actual param
    586 - a2ps.tar is missing

    PowerAda 5.4 Issues Fixed:

     77 - MP traceback (re_support:is_static_unconstrained) in func return stmt
    165 - CG optimizer omits required overflow constraint check
    181 - CG crash when -O (optimized) subtype of Positive with 0 as low bound
    229 - MP crash w/Component_Size rep. clause on array of 3-bit records
    239 - CG crash when PPC instruction's immediate offset exceeds 16 bits
    352 - ASIS doesn't yield Selected_Name for 'WITH A.B' of child unit
    356 - Executables linked on AIX 5.3 dump core (IBM pthread priority chg)
    385 - FE crashes for concatenation of hidden #& operator
    398 - Tagged type extension overlooks illegal discriminant defaults


 7. Limitations and Unimplemented Features

    If you encounter any problem, or have any suggestions for improvement
    or enhancement, please contact OC Systems at support@ocsystems.com.
    We can't fix what we don't know about.

    See APPENDIX C, "Implementation Characteristics" (corresponding to
    Annex M of the Ada95 Reference Manual) for a detailed description
    of which optional portions of the language have been implemented.

    PowerAda/Linux does not do any stack overflow checking, and so it will
    dump core on insufficient stack space rather than raise STORAGE_ERROR.
    The user should make sure that all task stacks are given sufficient
    storage to execute.