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When you want information about the functioning of your system that you can't get now, OC Systems can help.

We can instrument your application, obtain the information you need, and integrate it with your existing dashboard. Our approach:

  • Works on packaged software and custom applications.
  • Does not require access to source or compiled code.
  • Makes no changes to any application or system files.

Get the data you need

Using RootCause and other tools, we obtain information about the internal functioning of your system, such as:

  • Data related to method or function entry or exit.
  • Business objects, parameter values, variables, queues, and other program objects.
  • Memory allocation and deallocation.
  • Timing of selected functions, methods, or transactions.

Alerts show on your dashboard

The data is fully integrated with your dashboard or monitoring system. We can also implement a "learning" feature whereby the application is monitored to learn normal behavior. Then when behaviour outside normal bounds occurs, an alert is sent to your dashboard.

Fix problems on the fly

We can also provide the ability to control the application in the production environment. For example, you might see that a particular application will soon fail because a disk is filling up. You can pause the application while disk space is freed and then continue operation—avoiding the failure.