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All documentation for PowerAda is provided in HTML form and may be read with any web browser, such as Netscape Navigator. Public-domain HTML browsers are provided with PowerAda on AIX: xmosaic, an X-windows browser, and lynx, a curses terminal browser. The ahelp command-line tool invokes your HTML browser if the DISPLAY variable is set correctly, or if it is explicitly specified on the command line. If the DISPLAY variable is undefined or invalid, or if -l is specified on the command line, Lynx is used. You can specify other browsers as well.

Help and documentation are more likely to be accessed from the X interfaces of the powerada or adbg tools. In this case, the browser specified in your Preferences is invoked, so this must be correctly installed. The documentation itself is all found under $POWERADA/html,so this path must be visible to the machine on which your HTML browser is running.

Both ahelp and powerada provide a search capability. For ahelp, just put a string on the command line; from powerada, select "Search For" from the Help pulldown. The documentation will be searched for each word in the specified string. All matching files will be displayed in the selected browser. Within a file, use the browser's Find operation to locate occurrences of the string you're looking for.